Speaking of parties

C and I have been invited to a masquerade ball-held on halloween as the reception of one of his friend's weddings. I should be really cool. However, the only requirement for attire is that everyone wear a mask. So my question is:

Does anyone know how to find or make a mask which fits comfortably over or under glasses? (and preferably still looks cool).

Word Derivations

I found this interesting, and know that many of you also appreciate this sort of thing (although being more into it than I am, you probably already know all this.)

"Many American words are derived from African languages, including: tote, meaning to carry (tota); cat, meaning person (cat); dig, meaning understand (dega); hip, meaning aware (hipi); guy, meaning young man (goy); OK (yaw kay); and, my favorite, jukebox from the Senegalese juke, meaning to have a wild time."
from, of all places, the cookbook "Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant"

Simple Tech Question

Some people are able to put just a sentence or two in their post, then have people click to read the rest of their post, so as not to bore people with a half a page. How do you do this?

the business of massage

I'm trying to think of a good name for my massage business. Any ideas?

I thought of, or had suggested, Massages by Melanie, and Elemental Massage. However, the first seems a tad plebian for my taste, and the latter was taken. I would welcome any suggestions (serious or not), as well as a discussion of whether I should choose a business name at all, or just give out cards listing myself as a massage therapist.

As to the type of name, I would prefer one which has reference to mythology/fairytale/fantasy, but makes sense with massage. Nothing too esoteric, and nothing which limits me too one type of massage. I guess that's it.